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Our Pho is well cooked by the winner of " finding the best cooked PHO" in December 2019 by Vietnamese Culinary Culture Association

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The Bo Bun combines rice noodles, stir-fried beef with garlic and onion, freshly cut lettuces, soya pousses and herbs. The serving is completed with a little bowl of house made fish sauce. 

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Our Banh Bao (buns) are housemade with the familial recipes. The outer is super soft, light, and puffy, the inside is well seasoned with a touch of celery.


My big Ha Noi

My name is HUY. I am Vietnamese. I was born in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. I am a chef, currently working at my own little restaurant in Paris. 

Since I was a little boy, PHO is what I craved for every breakfast. PHO is a dish that would probably speak about Vietnamese cuisine. The broth is prepared 24 hours before serving, cooked with oxtail, ox bones, and spices like ginger, onion, anise, cinnamon, etc. The broth is known for its transparency and the subtle taste of all the spices. A bowl of PHO is served with the flat rice noddles, topped with raw beef and the herbs; the hot broth is poured afterward. 

Growing up in Vietnam, eating all of the dishes made by my grandmother and my mom, my cooking practice is heavily affected by both. 

In Dec 2019, I have honored the prize Golden Anise in the contest "Finding the best-cooked PHO" by Vietnam Culinary Cultural Association and Tuoi Tre Newspaper.

At Pho Fait Maison, you can enjoy the authentic taste of Ha Noi, especially the "PHO Ha Noi'.

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"When you drink the water, remember the spring"